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New Manjaro search engine is available

New Manjaro search engine facilitates finding any information related to Manjaro Linux

Writen By Vitor Lopes Jan. 20, 2023

Finding information within Manjaro Linux always as been a topic that needed to be solved. Available search engines are quite good if we know how to do research and know what we looking for, but sometimes we have to scroll to thousands of links to find what we looking for, with our new website search, all Manjaro data is accessible in one place and divided by sections so it is easier to digest.

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The data is pulled from 11 sources, making it a very convenient way to find anything you are looking for, including documentation, git repositories or issues, forum solutions for common problems you might experience or package sources.

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You can directly search for packages, being in native format (aka pkgbuild), snap or flatpak. Those can also be installed directly from the search results on an individual basis.

The web installer has been around for maybe 2 years and is based on libpamac although it works is still considered in alpha stage and could do with some more rework in the future.

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Head to the search bar and happy search.

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Vitor is a self taught developer, he enjoys tinkering and building things, his first OS was MS-DOS 5.0 and his first dual boot was with OpenSuse 6.0. In 2015 he started running Linux as his main OS, the transition was hard he never looked back. There is many things in Linux that still annoy him, nothing is perfect but a bright future is ahead.