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July 2022 in Manjaro

Many package updates including 5.19 Kernel, Virtualbox, Mesa. We explore Linux Gaming on a handheld, Website gets a new Update-Status feature

Writen By Phillip Müller Aug. 7, 2022

July was very interesting for us. Part of our team enjoyed their holiday. However the rest of us managed a lot that month. We had a lot of package updates, fixes to a vulnerability affecting both AMD and Intel CPUs, slight improvements to our new homepage and some work done for upcoming hardware with Manjaro pre-installed.

Manjaro Ruah

In July we managed to get out five point-releases for our current codename Ruah release. That included the 5.24.6 LTS update to Plasma and 5.96.0 update to Frameworks. On Gnome side of things packages got updated to 42.3. The latest version 21.3.6 images also include initial fixes to the security issue Retbleed.

General Package updates highlights:

  • Kernel got updated to 5.19, which brings new features, improved hardware support, and many bug and security fixes
  • Virtualbox 6.1.36 fixed some crashes and got Guest Additions stabilized
  • Mesa 21.1.4 got some Radeon segfault fixes
  • We had several updates to Pipewire. This included a fix for a critical bug that could crash JACK applications. Some more regressions in audiomixer were fixed, including crackling and stuttering in some cases as well as some channel mapping regressions

As usual, regular packages like Firefox, Thunderbird, Cinnamon and others got renewed.

Manjaro Hardware

Nick from The Linux Experiment did a review of our UM350 Mini-PC we collaborated with Minisforum. The compact PC with Ryzen APU works great for Office, work and casual gaming. Furkan worked on Linux Gaming on a Handheld-PC. We plan to use Plasma-Mobile in combination with Valve's DeckUI for our upcoming devices to have a smooth gaming experience. More information coming on that matter in the following months.

Manjaro Website

Vitor added Update-Status as a new service to our homepage. Now it is easy to get the current voting status of Update Announcements in one single page. For more details you can follow the link to each announcement in our forum and check what the team and the community say about it, what does not work and possible fixes.

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Phillip Müller

Phillip is one of the project founders, he joined the Linux world with Ubuntu 6.06, for him compiling kernels and figuring out why things don't work is very rewarding, he is old school and enjoys using XFCE to the day.