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August 2022 in Manjaro

The month of August brings some cool Calamares updates, website changes, and package upgrades.

Writen By Phillip Müller Sept. 15, 2022

Manjaro Ruah

In August we managed to get one last point-releases for our current codename Ruah release out. That included Kernel updates, EAC issues with Steam finally fixed, latest Nvidia, Gnome and Systemd updates.

General Package updates highlights:

As usual, regular packages like Firefox, Thunderbird, Cinnamon and others got renewed.


The manjaro website keeps evolving every month behind the curtains, some UI rework in the download section, a complete redesign of the menu system and a new documentation area.

Documentation is always a topic for us that needs to be improved, most notably developer documentation, there is the Wiki that is a community made source, community users also provide mini guides via our forums. There is also Gitlab documentation and some lose video tutorials.

The new documentation area aims to bridge all those sources in a single place that can be consulted in a way that is not extremely technical so anyone can get started quickly.

Calamares UI Changes

Calamares has received a more polished user interface. The UI was partially redesigned in QML giving a more fluid and enjoyable installation process, some cool child-out animations and text rework. Those should be available soon after we are happy with testing and all the bugs are iron out.

Screenshot from 2022-09-16 16-21-33

Screenshot from 2022-09-16 16-22-31

Screenshot from 2022-09-16 16-23-03

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Phillip Müller

Phillip is one of the project founders, he joined the Linux world with Ubuntu 6.06, for him compiling kernels and figuring out why things don't work is very rewarding, he is old school and enjoys using XFCE to the day.