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Fosdem 2023 was a great experience.

Writen By Bernhard Landauer Feb. 16, 2023

Hello community,

as you might have seen some of our team were able to attend FOSDEM 2023 and the conference proved to be incredibly productive for us. Meeting in person and talking face to face is of course incredibly valuable to really connect and strengthen personal connections. It was also great to meet our fans and users. We had the opportunity to talk to them and give away some Manjaro stickers on the Pine64 stand, sharing our passion with like-minded individuals.

Fosdem 2023 was a platform for exciting new open-source projects, as well as established ones like LibreOffice and MuseScore. We attended a variety of enlightening talks, including one by KiCad about different designs of Donations Pages, which inspired us right away to improve our own... We also discovered Penpot, a new open-source tool for UI design with the potential to revolutionize web design and help open-source projects improve visually.

penpot presentation

penpot presentation

with MuseScore developers

with MuseScore

We also had many productive internal discussions about our infrastructure where we identified several ideas for improvement. We also explored the possibility of having our own Manjaro stand for FOSDEM 2024. Nothing is confirmed at this time but we will continue to discuss this idea.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet with Codeweavers and Pine64 to discuss project ideas and hear about their current work.

In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our great community.
It was your donations which made it possible for us to participate in FOSDEM 2023. This was a really inspiring event and a great impulse to move us forward.

Best regards, Manjaro Team.

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Bernhard Landauer

Bernhard is an opera singer by training with Linux as an oversized hobby. Now working full-time for Manjaro he created some of our development tools and takes care of package automation, kernel updates, special hardware projects and devops aswell as the Plasma edition. He is also the maintainer of the i3 and Cinnamon Community editions.