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We Have a Brand New Website

The old Website had some major issues, so we built a brand new one from scratch.

Writen By Vitor Lopes May 28, 2022

The old Website had some major issues, it was not only a bad design that did not represent the project well or its current state, but it also did not provide any useful information or meaningful content, mostly due to lack of time. The only option was to start from scratch which is always time consuming but it was long overdue.

After trying a few different technologies to decide what could be more suitable, I went with Wagtail based on Django for the back-end and TailWind CSS for the front-end. I did not want to just build a website, but have a framework that will be future proof and extensible, that could provide a set of tools for the Manjaro Team that would facilitate content display and could also integrate with some of our tools in the future, however we are still discussing what those features will be.

We were in need of a Blog platform as most of what we do is never known to the major public. The forum was never the right place to provide news or talk about projects we are working on, but that was the only platform we had.

As everyone knows Open Source developers or developers in general, including Manjaro developers, don't enjoy writing or we mostly don't have time for that, we are hopping to change that and write some more Blog posts in the future.

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Vitor Lopes

Vitor is a self taught developer, he enjoys tinkering and building things, his first OS was MS-DOS 5.0 and his first dual boot was with OpenSuse 6.0. In 2015 he started running Linux as his main OS, the transition was hard he never looked back. There is many things in Linux that still annoy him, nothing is perfect but a bright future is ahead.