Wow, that was fast!

I just worked on early kms and uvesafb support in mhwd. I thought about when to start the mhwd scripts. Should I start it in the initramfs? No, because mhwd needs to rebuild all the initramfs files after any changes in the graphics section. So what about starting the scripts in initramfs just after the root filesystem is mounted and then access the disk for configuration files? Hmm, doesn’t work also, because the configs could be on other partitions which have to be mounted first. So I checked the systemd manpage and created a mhwd service which is started very early just after the mounts. Works all fine. But suddenly I found the systemd-analyze tool and my attention was completely focused on that tool. After running the command the following output was printed in my terminal and I was so amazed about it, that I also had to create an image with “systemd-analyze plot > boot.svg”. Check this out:

Startup finished in 1689ms (kernel) + 1330ms (userspace) = 3020ms

That’s awesome. I am running a laptop with SSD and an Intel i7 CPU and it boots very fast. What happens if I would disable modem-manager and laptop-mode-tools services? 😀