Manjaro 0.8 daily builds online

After releasing Manjaro 0.8.0 nine days ago (2012-08-20) we got so much feedback about this public release.

We are thankful for all your replies and working hard to make Manjaro even better. Daily Builds we release time to time for our beta-testers to check if we are on the right track before our next point-release gets published.

Here some changes we did so far:

  • Belarusian, Russian and Spanish language support added
  • Development packages for AUR added
  • Some more apps like xchat and transmission added
  • XFCE edition is now a DVD-image with 1.0 GB in size – until now
  • libreoffice with en_GB and en_US translations got added
  • a new overlay with preinstalled drivers got added to have a blazing fast bootup from LiveDVD (10 – 15 seconds only)
  • minor fixes like 7-ZIP-FM and qt related applications start now

Tell us what you’re still missing in Manjaro Editions so we can fix it for you.